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The summer and early fall months are when West Stockbridge MA household pests most often enter homes. Some come in looking for relief from the heat, others for food and water. Household pests that invade a home during the summer months are typically ants, roaches, spiders, and sometimes rodents as well. All of these animals find the inside of the home, even a clean one, accommodating and a good place to breed.

While most West Stockbridge MA homeowners can handle pest control themselves once pests begin breeding in a home, the need for a professional exterminator goes through the roof. This is especially true of pests like cockroaches and mice. While both cockroaches and mice pose very little danger to the inhabitants of the home, they do multiply quickly and are highly destructive and can contaminate food very easily. Ironically it is those household pests that pose a physical threat to individuals that are often much easier to control than those that do not pose a threat. Things like spiders, more specifically black widows, and other types of poisonous insects that find their way into a home, while not hard to control, will require the attention of a professional exterminator only because of their dangerous nature. Furthermore professional exterminator’s often know where these animals are likely to hide at home and can help root them out and destroy them.

Having a professional exterminator visit your home and treat it during the hottest months of the year will not only rid a home of its infestation problem but will prevent household pests from returning in the future. The good news for homeowners in need of a professional exterminator is that the majority of exterminator’s these days are extremely affordable and use chemicals that don’t harm pets and humans. While it’s true that in order to keep West Stockbridge MA pest infestations to a minimum or from re-occurring at all, a professional exterminator must visit a home on a regular basis, many professionals now offer not only fair prices for packages that reduce the cost of subsequent visits but sometimes guarantees that make their next visit free.

West Stockbridge MA pest control experts are not hard to find these days either, especially for those individuals who utilize the Internet. Even a small rural area, and sometimes especially in those areas, there are usually a good number of exterminator’s for hire. A little time searching online should yield customer reviews, their standing with the West Stockbridge MA Better Business, and the bit about their business as well.

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When planning for our non-toxic insect control, we have the tendency to think diseases and pests are making our plants unhealthy, but really, they are there due to the fact that our plants are unhealthy. This is one of the most significant shifts we have to make in our thinking when transferring to natural gardening practices.

As talked about last time, animals prefer healthy plants, but diseases and bugs choose the opposite. They choose plants that have either a deficiency of excess – a nutritional imbalance – of one or more nutrients. They literally do not have the enzymes essential to absorb “healthy” plants.

In reality, they don’t even see healthy plants as a food source at all! Sounds insane?
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