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There is a common misconception among Washington DC people that bed bugs are no longer an issue, or part of a child’s nursery rhyme. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The number of infestations is constantly rising, with major cities experiencing more issues than ever before.

Few people realize just how frustrating an infestation is until they have dealt with these insects first hand. There are some cheap and simple techniques to help with an infestation along with many specialized products available to buy.

An easy method is to wrap tape which is folded length ways around the feet of an infected bed to trap the bugs that are attempting to climb up the bed legs. This is known as the barrier strategy and is useful once the bed has been fully cleansed.

Products to exterminate Washington DC bed bugs can be highly effective and exist in a variety of forms. There are insecticide sprays which are applied to infected areas and commonly have residual properties for up to a month. There are also dusting powders which are used is areas where using liquid would not be practical as well as insecticide fumes which create a fog that can eliminate bed bugs from an entire room.

Bed bug resistant mattress protectors are popular products to accompany insecticides as they immediately protect from bed bug entry, exit and bites. Washington DC professionals are sometimes brought in and use similar products to those intended for amateur use.

Alongside the use of products are some basic codes of practice when tackling an infestation. In most cases, all dressers and closets in the infected rooms must be emptied with drawers set aside so that every crevice can be treated. All linens and clothing will have to be washed with hot water and stored in plastic bags until the Washington DC treatment is complete, and severe infestations may require the disposal of rugs and certain items of furniture.

How can re-infestations be prevented? It is vitally important that all bedding is washed two or three times at a very high temperature to destroy any remaining eggs that may hatch. You should now be keeping a very close eye out for any signs of a nest, and furniture, floor boards and upholstery should be closely inspected. As always, however, keeping a clean and tidy home is the number one way to keep a home in Washington DC completely bed bug free.

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When planning for our non-toxic pest control, we tend to think diseases and pests are making our plants unhealthy, but in fact, they are there because our plants are unhealthy. This is one of the biggest shifts we require to make in our believing when relocating to natural gardening practices.

As gone over last time, animals prefer healthy plants, but diseases and insects prefer the opposite. They select plants that have either a shortage of excess – a dietary imbalance – of one or more nutrients. They actually do not have the enzymes essential to digest “healthy” plants.

In fact, they do not even see healthy plants as a food source at all! Sounds insane, best?

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